Internationalization footsteps, walking with the world

From May 24-26, Jinyu Tire appeared at THE TIRE COLOGNE 2022 in Cologne, Germany, to discuss the future of the industry with the world's leading tire manufacturers, seek new opportunities for international development, and further achieve rapid and high-quality development.

Industry event, focusing on global dialogue

As an international professional trade fair in the tire industry, the German Tire Exhibition in Cologne attracted outstanding tire manufacturers, engineers, and tire industry traders from various countries. The show focused the main topic of 2022 on sustainability, jointly discussing climate neutrality, the economical use of vital resources, environmentally friendly materials, production and recycling, and greater durability, requirements that will determine the future of the tire industry.

Jinyu regards quality as the way of survival of the enterprise, and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to establish a technology research and development center, and carries out the concept of high-quality development and sustainable development in the manufacturing and product life cycle.

1. Sustainable production of raw materials

20% of the materials used by Jinyu Tire are renewable energy, including renewable rubber, recycled carbon black, bio-based nylon, bio-based antioxidants, etc., 80% are non-petrochemical, sustainable resources, seeking long-term development from the source of production.

2. Sustainable manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of Jinyu tires reduces energy consumption in the process through intelligent production and electric nitrogen curing to achieve carbon emission reduction and reduce emission pressure for the ecological earth.

3. Sustainable product life cycle

On the one hand, Jinyu Tire adopts lighter and higher strength steel wire skeleton material to reduce the amount of steel wire to reduce tire weight, and on the other hand, it adopts lightweight profiles and low rolling resistance formulas, two technological innovations reduce tire rolling resistance, reduce vehicle fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and help global users travel or operate sustainably.

At the same time, Jinyu Tire and raw material manufacturers adopt the first new steel wire rubber bonding technology in China, which can greatly improve the life of the carcass, make the tire retread multiple times, greatly extending the whole life cycle of the tire, and reduce the carbon emissions per unit mileage.

In recent years, with the growth of Jinyu brand influence, the global market has gradually expanded, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

In the future, Jinyu will run on the road with the proposition of sustainable development and strive to enter the world stage together with Chinese tire industry.